Flash News

Declaration of Election result has been put in Bulletin Board

election nomination received has been put in Bulletin Board

All newly joined APFCs are requested to start contributing Rs 100/- per month towards EPFOA subscription (request may be submitted to their respective RPFCs)

All newly joined APFCs are requested to provide their e-mail id, photo, DOB for updating seniority list. pl send to epfoaindia@gmail.com

Sri P Rajasekhar Reddy, RPFC-I, RO Hyderabad to be appointed as PS to Chief Minister, Telangana.

All RPFCs are requested to provide list of all Group ‘A’ officers of their offices who are contributing Rs 100/- (EPFOA contribution) along with their mail ID, mobile no by mail to epfoaindia@gmail.com. The same is required to initiate election of new office bearers.

EPFOA constitution amended to incorporate more posts

EPFO submitted application for purchase of one lakh sqft of office space and 25 type IV & 7 type V quarters at NBCC, Kidwai Nagar. Application fee of Rs 80 Crore paid

EPFOA enhanced its memnership contribution to Rs 100/- per month from January 2012





        E.P.F. Officers' Association (E.P.F.O.A.) is a service association of the officers of the Employees' Provident Fund Organization (E.P.F.O.), registered under Registration of Service Association. Broadly, it consists of all members of officer? community of the E.P.F.O., Ministry of Labour & Employment, Govt, of India. As per the constitution of the Association some of the members are elected by the General Body of the E.P.F.O.A. as its office bearers, who constitute the Central Executive of the Association.



        The aims and objects of the Association is to safeguard and promote the common interests of all the members of the Association through constitutional means and to foster a spirit of camaraderie and good fellowship amongst the members of the Association and members of similar service associations and to do all things incidental and conducive to the attainment of the said objects. It is the paramount duty of the Association to espouse the cause of its members uninfluenced by the considerations and identity of caste, colour, region, religion or the like. Issues concerning an individual member of the Association can be taken up by the Association only if the issue involves the question of selective victimisation or conferment having a bearing upon the general principles or policies for which the Association stand for.