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225 Non-grant of NFSG benefits & non-disposal of representations of EPF officers despite orders of Hon’ble CAT, Chandigarh – filing of contempt petition – letter to Chairman, CBT, Secretary (L&E) and CPFC Click Here
224 Recent critical organisational issues relating to mis-communication on higher wages pension issue and abrupt revision of delegation of financial powers for claims settlement - letter to CPFC & CBT Members Click Here
223 Mis-utilisation of scarce and stretched resources of EPFO for non-EPF Act related activities - letter to CPFC & CBT Members Click Here
222 Letter issued to CPFC on the issue of AGT 2019 - incomplete and misleading tenure-related information availability Click Here
221 Details of meeting held by EPFOA with the CPFC on 19.11.2018 Click Here
220 Request for relaxation for promotion to the post of RPFC -II Click Here
219 Letter issued with detailed agenda for proposed meeting with the CPFC Click Here
218 Co-opting of representative of 1997 DR batch in the Central Executive of EPFOA Click Here
217 Minutes of General Council meeting held on 09.09.2018 & Constitution of new Central Executive Click Here