Bombay High Court

Sl.No. Citation Brief Details
7 Mr. E.S. Sanjeeva Rao vs Central Bureau of Investigation (C.B.I.), CPFC, DD(VIG) and OTHERS/a> Provident Fund Commissioners are Judges: Absolute Immunity U/S 7A of EPF & MP Act
6 PIL: 45/2009 Mumbai High Court Judgement of PIL No:45/2009 filed by Sri Sudarshan Kumar, APFC
5 Pfizer Employees'' Union, A Trade ... vs Regional Provident Fund Claim for continuation of exemption U/P 27, 27A without condition
4 Nandinee Travels Pvt. Ltd. vs Regional Provident Fund Clubbing of two establishment-Test
3 Om Sai Hotels And Restaurants, A ... vs The Regional ProvidentFund Infancy protection and clubbing of hotel and restaurant discussed
2 Basf India Limited And Anr. vs M. Gurusamy Employee ; in connection with the work of establishment: statutory definition means there should be nexus but it may be loose and incidental. personal drivers of company's manager held to be employee
1 Mr.E.S.Sanjeeva Rao vs Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI), Mumbai & Ors. Petitioner (7A Authority) was dischargingthe functions of a Judge within the meaning of Section 19 of the IPC isindisputable, hence criminal action for offence punishable under Section 420 r/w 120-B of theIndian Penal Code can not be initiated by CBI. THIS IS AN INTERIM ORDER IN CRIMINAL WRIT PETITION NO.2637 OF 2010 IN BOMBAY HIGH COURT